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March 19, 2003


UNITED FOR PEACE: http://unitedforpeace.org

MOVE ON: http://www.moveon.org

NOT IN OUR NAME: http://www.notinourname.net

STOP THE WAR COALITION: http://www.stopwar.org.uk

SOAS STOP THE WAR : http://www.soasstopwar.org

- On a lighter note... revamped the "Other Stories" page, in the "Web Posted work" section.

March 24, 2003

We would like to applaude the remarkable courage of Michael Moore for his stance against the war on Iraq at the 75th Oscar ceremony! Congratulations on his other victory too. See more Moore here

March 22, 2003

Pictures and comments on the march for Peace at NYC in the "Current Issues!" pages. 

The turnout was heartening! Look for yourself at the massing masses

March 20, 2003

And for all of those out there who think that they should not speak out against the war on Iraq, or against their own country's atrocities, here is a little something to think about:

March 20, 2003



Saturday, 3/22

Assemble at noon

Broadway between 36th & 42nd Streets

February 18, 2003

- Added two Quicktime movies of the Rally

February 15, 2003

- Account of the Peace Rally at NYC with Pictures and videos! The turnout was heartening! Look for yourself at the massing masses

February 11, 2003

- FEBRUARY 15 RALLY FOR PEACE IN NEW YORK CITY: NOON ON FIRST AVENUE AND 49th ST (within sight of the UN). Come and show your opposition to a war on Iraq!!!

For more details on the rally, please go to http://unitedforpeace.org

January 26, 2003

- Added a Guestmap on the homepage.

January 25, 2003

- Updated the Links Page with two new links to Not in Our Name and MoveOn. Details on these organisations can be found on the Current Issues page.

January 5, 2003

- Added link to a summary of Hofmannsthal's "Jedermann" in the Salzburg Page

- Added article by Jimmy Carter in Current Issues page

January 3, 2003

- Added article in "Academic Work": Thomas Mann and the Bitch Goddess - Rejection and Reconstruction of the Primal Mother in Joseph and his Brothers

- Removed the "Other stories" page. "Wanting Melosa" and "Women in Prison", considered by Elaine as lesser stories, can still be viewed on other web sites.

January 2, 2003

- Happy New Year to you all!!!

- Added the "Other stories" Index page, referring to Elaine's earliest stories: Wanting Melosa and Women in Prison.

- Added draft of Egypt travel pages. So far, it is just an experiment. More pictures and texts will be added...

December 19, 2002

- The summary for Salvation in the Secular has been added.

- Added Salvation in the Secular, Elaine's PhD Thesis Page. Added Amazon.com link to order the book. Summary to be added later today.

December 14, 2002

November 30, 2002

- Modified the "Travels - Europe" page

- Added Narration of Salzburg

- Added "Links" on navigational bar

November 28, 2002

- Updated Links Page

- Updated the Morocco page

November 19, 2002

- Added B. Weiner article on the War on terrorism on Current Issues page

- Added Links page

November 18, 2002

- Added the narration of the Morocco trip November 15, 2002

- Added the Travels Index page and Travels in Africa Page

- Added the What's New Archives where the boring novelties go to die

- Created "Travels - North Africa", "Travels - Europe" and "Travels The Americas" index pages. Narrations will follow

November 14, 2002

- Added "Novels" index page

- Added "Current Issues" Pages

November 13, 2002

- Added navigational banner on all pages

- Added "Travels" index page

September 24, 2002

- Improved the format of "Pappas Journal II, Part I and Part II"

- Improved the format of "Lao Ma's Kiss"

- Updated Lao Ma's Kiss Web Awards and Postings page

September 09, 2002

- Changed Index page

- Added "Significant Others" Page, which remains under construction

- Added the "Academic Work" Page, containing the article "The Apostate Ethic: Hochhuth's The Deputy"

August 25, 2002

- First posting of Elaine's Sutherland Homepage

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